Château Rouge

Spicy Red Ale

Metro Chateau Rouge, where the rush of the crowd sweeps you off your feet and carries you to rue Poulet. On your right, the open air market is crowded with aisles of African fish looking for a home. All around you the scent of grilled corn on the cob fills the air while before you, the ebb and flow of a crowd clad in colorful cloth inspires you to continue to ride this wave…welcome to the 18th arrondissement!

Aromas: Red berries, spices, vegetal
Flavors: Munich and Caramel malts lend this full-bodied beer hints of nutmeg, pepper, gentian, and various spices used during the brewing process. Perfect for beer lovers and the beer curious, this Red Ale promises a dry and spicy finish, reminiscent of the diversity of the Chateau Rouge neighborhood!
Pairs with: Meat stews or casseroles, grilled meat, Japanese dishes, aged cheeses
Serving Temperature: Between 7-10°C / 45-50°F

33 cl 6% Alcohol 47 EBC 28 IBU

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